Baldr is committed to research and application of irrigation water treatment and irrigation smart control products in the field of agricultural irrigation, municipal irrigation and home irrigation.

Baldr has a powerful R&D team which composed of more than 40 professional engineers, including software design, electronic hardware design, mechanical structure design and appearance industrial design, who focus on the research of disc water filtration technology, valve control technology, environmental monitoring technology and automatic control technology.

Over the years, Baldr has continued to invest in the research and development of cloud platform Internet of Things technology, which represents the future technology, and applies it to irrigation products to realize remote control, cloud data collection and analysis.
Baldr has obtained hundreds of patents like industrial design, utility model, technology invention and software copyright.
Baldr has established a high-level technology R&D center, with 1600  of office space and laboratory, which equipped with advanced experimental equipment and testing facilities.