WiFi Smart Watering Pump Timer

Item No.: ITV0106W
ITV0106W WiFi Water Timer with Pump,watering potted plants in offices / balcony anytime from anywhere. Even when traveling, you can water your plants via phone APP.


Automatic flower watering without faucet in the room.
Mobile remote control, simple operation.
When the network is disconnected, the watering can be continued according
  to the established procedure.


Watering frequency: every 1-24 hours, every 1-7 days.
Watering time: 1-60 seconds, 1-30 minutes.
Manual irrigation, open at any time, delay irrigation, accurate water output.
With a lift of 3 meters, the flowers on the shelf windowsill are all supplied with
   water under pressure.
Powered by USB or 4 * AA batteries.
Low power prompt, water shortage shutdown, host protection.
Flow rate can be up to 20 potted flowers at the same time.